ReviewNB is now free for academia

1 minute read

I’m excited to announce that ReviewNB is now completely free for educational purposes. All teachers & students around the world who use Jupyter Notebooks can now use ReviewNB to review assignments & provide feedback.

Jupyter Notebooks are popular in academia where notebooks are used for class demonstration, homework assignments & research collaboration. Many professors use GitHub to give their students exposure to real world collaboration tools. GitHub doesn’t make it very easy to review notebook diffs & provide feedback on assignments, research papers etc. ReviewNB makes it super easy to see rich notebook diffs & have discussion around notebook content (be it assignment/report/research paper).

Since the beginning, ReviewNB is free for open source repositories. But this isn’t enough for academic purposes e.g. assignments need to be private to each student to avoid plagiarism, research paper needs to be private until its published. To overcome these obstacles, we’ve made ReviewNB completely free for educational purposes.

How do you avail the free educational plan?

  • If your primary email on GitHub has educational domain (.edu or .ac.) then free educational plan is automatically activated on your account (if you recently changed your email on GitHub then simply logout and login back into ReviewNB)
  • If your institute has different email domain than above then write to
  • If you’re a student but don’t have educational email address, write to with an enrolment proof & we’ll set you up

That’s it! I welcome all Jupyter notebook users in academia :)